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The Golden Strategies Process

Located in the City of Bridges, our firm understands that you have an idea where you want to go financially, but you may need professional guidance to successfully arrive at your final destination. That’s where we come in. We bridge the gaps in your financial plan, encourage you to stay the course during turbulent times, and provide the structural support you need to help you reach the financial future you desire.

Here’s a description of our ongoing process:

We Listen 

The best way we can understand your financial needs is to ask meaningful questions and listen to your answers. Together, we will review your present situation and gather all the information required to develop a comprehensive plan that has the potential to meet your goals and objectives while having the flexibility to adapt to the future. 

We Identify  

In-depth conversations help us identify and prioritize your goals and objectives for the short-, mid-, and long-term future. We also identify your risk tolerance and suitability for investments. 

We Analyze

Next, we analyze your current situation and determine what steps we need to take to be consistent with your objectives. We perform cash flow and income analysis, conduct savings plan evaluations, perform risk management analysis, evaluate investments, and complete an employee benefits review. 

We Plan

We then provide specific recommendations that, taken together, form a comprehensive financial plan unique to your personal financial situation. This strategy is designed to ensure your best interest is prioritized. Our investment selection process includes evaluating several criteria across a spectrum of quantitative data points on a regular basis to ensure a fiduciary standard of care is being met. These criteria include regulatory oversight, expense ratios/fees relative to peers, investment track record, stability of the organization, assets in the investment, composition consistent with asset class, style consistency, and performance relative to peers. 

We Meet

Once the plan is formulated, we take the time to meet with you in person, by phone, or through a video conference to make sure you understand what is being recommended and why. We provide investment education and coaching. We listen to your feedback and make the necessary modifications to ensure you are comfortable and excited about the plan.

We Implement

One of the most important services we can provide is to help you implement the recommendations we have made. Whether it's savings, investments, or insurance, we have the ability to execute your decisions.

We Review

We revisit previous goals and everything that has been accomplished. We redefine objectives and set new goals for the future during our regular strategy sessions. Remembering unknown factors, both positive and negative, are always ahead, we will be there to help you make the adjustments needed, so your financial plan remains consistent with your financial goals. We are your partners throughout your journey.

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