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Because Golden Strategies Financial Group works with each client to create a custom strategy based on their unique circumstances and goals, we serve individuals, couples, and families in a wide range of life stages and situations. Chances are, you’ll recognize yourself in one of the groups we serve:

Whatever stage you’re in, we’ll meet with you regularly to ensure as your life plans change, your financial plan changes with you.

Part of our comprehensive planning includes health planning services (including life/disability insurance analysis, long-term care solutions, Medicare guidance, health insurance planning and group insurance analysis) since no financial plan is complete without factoring in the rising costs of healthcare as we age.

Are you a soon-to-be retiree who wants to ensure you have enough money to retire and cross those items off your bucket list?

Do you need to determine what is the best time to start taking your Social Security or pension to optimize your income? Our firm has the experience and tools to help you accomplish your retirement dreams, such as comprehensive financial planning, investment planning/management, IRA/401k analysis, Social Security optimization, pension guidance, and cash flow sources and monthly spending analysis.

Are you a recent retiree concerned about making your savings last in light of rising longevity and healthcare costs?

We recommend a retirement income distribution approach that segments assets based on when you’ll need to access them, ranging from generally lower-risk, more liquid investments to those designed to provide growth in years to come. This “bucket” approach is designed to ensure you have enough funds to support your “‘go-go” years, your “slow-go” years, and your “‘no go” years when you are living comfortably in your home.

Are you a professional who wants to focus on building your career, spending time with family, traveling, and fixing up your home?

You may not want to spend your free time researching personal investments, selecting 401(k) plan choices, deciding how much to contribute to your employer plan, or determining which employer benefit options are priorities or nonessential. We’ll eliminate the guessing game and help you develop a strong plan designed to help you save for the short-term, mid-term, and long-term (retirement).

Are you a medical professional who faces unique challenges?

Kaitlyn, who holds a Doctorate of Pharmacy, understands the unique challenges your particular group faces – fewer peak earning years because of extended education, busy lifestyles, considerable student debt, the need to manage risk and busy lifestyles that make it difficult to understand complex investments. We strive to help medical professionals gain financial freedom in their lives, so they can focus on what truly matters.

Are you concerned about passing on your wealth?

We also have a process to make sure your finances are handled the way you intended after you pass. By regularly including family, special friends, attorneys and tax accountants in our meetings and discussions, we ensure everything is lined up the way you intend, so you can enjoy your final years knowing your hard-earned funds will be well managed.

Are you a parent wondering how to balance saving for your children’s education and saving for your retirement?

This is more challenging than ever because the cost of education and healthcare costs in retirement have both grown disproportionately to other costs. We can help you set up an investment strategy that makes the most of tax-advantaged investment accounts for retirement and college. After establishing your portfolio, we can work together to adjust one goal or another as your needs or time frame change.

Are you a recent divorcee or widow seeking investment advice to ensure your and your family’s needs are met?

We can help you create a clear roadmap designed to get your financial future back on track. Newly independent, you’ll want to build funds to support your desired lifestyle, so you can experience all you hope for during your retirement years.


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