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Achieving financial well-being is a lot like reaching and maintaining optimal physical health. Our bodies have many interdependent systems, and their complex processes must all work together effectively if we are to look and feel our best. Similarly, financial decisions we make in one area impact other areas and our overall well-being. That’s why we take a holistic approach to planning that monitors and manages all the periods and areas of your financial life, including:

• Comprehensive financial planning 
• I
nvestment planning and management
• Retirement planning including 401(k), pension and IRA analysis
• Income distribution planning
• Social Security guidance and analysis
• Estate and charitable planning
• Education planning
• Insurance analysis

Client Centered

We’ll work with your team of professionals – or recommend our trusted partners – to deliver comprehensive planning. We provide our financial expertise while partnering with your tax accountant and attorney to ensure your financial plan is considered from all perspectives.

Client Centered

We meet with many of our current clients’ children to help them get a head start with their finances and take advantage of the time value of money. We have regular meetings with family members, especially as our clients age, to ensure the client and family members are clear on the financial situation and aware of the plan moving forward. When a client or a client’s family member passes, we meet with surviving family members to help facilitate the transfer of assets to beneficiaries or family members.

Client Centered

A major benefit to working with our firm is the fact that we are independent advisors. We are not bound to promote certain products. We have the ability to look at a wide variety of available products to determine what would best fit our clients’ goals and objectives. Our broker dealer, Securities America, works for us – ensuring compliance standards are met, giving us buying power to get you lower platform fees, providing advanced technology platforms, and keeping us up to date with the most recent regulations and standards.

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